In God’s Hands

ISBN: 978-1-926813-37-0
Pages: 166
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Keshet Productions, 2015
Price: $25.00 CAD
In God's Hands
Cover by Wayne Mortensen Enterprises


This tale is fictitious with the exception of the critical injuries: these did happen to two friends while serving in Korea, I merely applied them to a single soldier.

The surgeons missed some fragments at the spine of one friend and he finally succumbed to the crippling injuries.

With regard to the scrotum injuries, amazing as it may seem, this actually did happen to a young 2/Lt in the British Black Watch. He suffered no long-term results.

What are the odds!

We all know people who seem to be plagued with “bad luck”, and others who seem to constantly fall into the outhouse and come up smelling of roses.

The truth is that the former really do have periods of good fortune; and the latter do occasionally reek a fecal aroma! The problem is that too much of either and the human mind begins to see that pattern — good or bad — as the constant norm. In doing so we oft create our own futures — good or bad.


“Joe tells me you’ve been hanging around the Corner Shoppe … says drugs appear to have been trading hands at that place!”

The boy quickly shook his head and raised his eyebrows.

“I’m such a loser that if I hooked up with a gang sure as Hell … sorry Father … sure as the dickens I’d be the very one that would be caught and jailed while the rest ran free!”

“Now, now my boy, I know you haven’t had an easy life and things didn’t go your way too often — but I also know that the good Lord has looked to your needs and you haven’t gone entirely without.

“You know that you always have the Lord and me to call on when needed.

“You are the product of God’s will and everything that happens to you — good or bad in our eyes — is also the will of God.

“We may not always be able to see or understand his plans — but, believe me — they are there!

“Some say it’s God’s way of testing us and our faith — others think it may be His way to encourage us to strengthen ourselves for greater trials ahead.

“As I see it, when you question what is happening to you, you are really questioning God’s will!


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