• Bin There Done That Met Them Volume 1

    In the fall Dad and Gramps would kill off the animals that were to be put down for our winter food — basically chickens and pigs. Mom and the maid did the chickens; that is, after Dad killed them the ladies plucked and cleaned them. Most were put down in jars [Oh, how I loved that jelly!]

    The pigs were done in the garage between the house and the barn. Dad had rigged up a hoist from the garage rafters from which the pig's carcass was hung. Below was a 45 gallon barrel filled with boiling water — I don't remember how they managed to keep it near boiling, but I imagine with a blowtorch.

    Anyway, the pig was gutted and the Carcass cleaned of offal, then the carcass was dipped into the boiling water for a few minutes. When it was removed the men would scrape off the the carcass hair with knives. I watched it all in fascination! I can remember the smell, even today.

    When the pig was bled out, Gramps would collect two glasses of blood — one for him and one for me! In the meanwhile, Gramps would take the bladder, clean it, blow it up and seal it, and present me with a new football!

    —Excerpt from "Bin There Done That Met Them"
    by Andrew C. Moffat
    Volume 1 of a 5 Volume Series

  • PTSD Addressed Anew

    It took time, but in a few hours or so the Ordnance Captain arrived and gradually  a small group of 'specialists' began to assemble with him.

    Too little - too late!

    And even now, those who had been responsible for supplying the faulty ammunition made show if being surprised at its presence and its deteriorated state!

    'Wherever had we acquired such garbage?'

    'Surely it hadn’t come through Canadian channels!'

    The cover-up began!

    —Excerpt from "PTSD Addressed Anew" by A.C. Moffat

  • Life of Timber

    His mind quickly went through all that had happened, organized it all, played out each act and fact against others and came to the clear and reasoned conclusion that this man was a friend and one he could trust.

    An amazing thing had taken place; and even more amazing when measured by the normal in the animal world!

    Now the wolf stood up and slowly advanced into the clearing before the den.

    His tail was wagging — his peace sign!

    —Excerpt from "Life of Timber" by A.C. Moffat

  • In God's Hands

    "Joe tells me you've been hanging around the Corner Shoppe ... says drugs appear to have been trading hands at that place!"

    The boy quickly shook his head and raised his eyebrows. "I'm such a loser that if I hooked up with a gang sure as Hell ... sorry Father ... sure as the dickens I'd be the very one that would be caught and jailed while the rest ran free!"

    "Now, now my boy, I know you haven't had an easy life and things didn't go your way too often — but I also know that the good Lord has looked to your needs and you haven't gone entirely without.

    "You know that you always have the Lord and me to call on when needed. You are the product of God's will and everything that happens to you — good or bad in our eyes — is also the will of God.

    "We may not always be able to see or understand his plans — but, believe me — they are there! Some say it's God's way of testing us and our faith — others think it may be His way to encourage us to strengthen ourselves for greater trials ahead.

    "As I see it, when you question what is happening to you, you are really questioning God's will!

    —Excerpt from "In God's Hands" by AC Moffat

  • That Man on the Street by AC Moffat

    "Mark my words - this tramp and the rest of them wasted bits of skin will be applying for our City Welfare shortly.

    "Those people are like that!

    "I know; I bin dealing with the likes o' them all my life!"

    Here he paused and turned to look at the lady sitting next to him — the next scheduled to speak: Ms. Calia Simmonds.

    "And don't you give me a load o' legal crap about Civil Rights!

    "If this bugger has Rights; then what about the thousands of our taxpayers' Rights?

    "What has this bugger done to benefit our City or our Community that gives him any right to special treatment?

    "Nothin'... that’s what!"

    —Excerpt from "That Man on the Street" by AC Moffat

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