Veterans’ Support

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It is Veterans who made Canada and it is veterans who have given Canada international acceptance and recognition; and yet it is Veterans who are being ignored and all too often dishonoured by our government.

We are told that Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden’s 1914 Oath of Government support for Veterans now has no substance  and imposes no obligation on subsequent Governments – that our Government no longer has any obligation to adhere to it!

If that is true and is the official position of our current Government, then it clearly follows by logic that all oaths and promises by our Heads of State are either political myths or outright lies.

Pre-election promises to support Veterans are all too often followed by post-election abandonment. One can hardly miss the comparison to the Italian cruise ship that was abandoned by its Captain ahead of his crew and passengers!

Canada has, ever since its founding, produced the world’s outstanding soldiers and combat Units. The ranks have been filled by men and women who have dedicated their very lives to fulfill the Government’s foreign policy. Those who commit them to battle risk little more than their political reputations – yet they reap the benefits  resulting from our Veterans successes while simultaneously denying Veterans their promised due.

Not all politicians would deny Vets their due, nor are all Vets heroes. It would be foolish to think otherwise! Regrettably the supportive politicians never seem to reach positions of power and the good Vets –  the majority -the real heroes – almost seem to be singled out to be left at the roadside.

Why is this happening?

I suggest it may have a great deal to do with the lack of military experience by today’s politicians! From 1918 through 1990 the House was pleat with men – and a number of ladies – who actually knew what it meant to serve – and to serve in actual battle where their lives were daily at stake!

Now one can almost count on one hand those in the House who have even served in Cadets! I can think of none who have served in Action.

Our politicians are much too comfortable for they have not lost limbs, or lost sight or hearing, or suffered that miseries of PTSD. Those are not injuries one sufferes in the political battles in the House of Commons! Just as non-taxable side benefits and excessive pensions are not to be found in our military service to Canada!

It is long past time when we must let our MPs know how we feel; long past time when we should make Vet-support a criteria for those we politically support; and, long past time when we should have more young, battle- experienced Vets running for office!


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