The Long Journey Home

ISBN: 978-1-926813-17-2
Pages: 331
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Keshet Productions, 2013
Price: $25.00 CAD
The Long Journey Home
Cover by Wayne Mortensen Enterprises


This is the story of a Veteran of the PPCLI who suffered both physical and mental trauma while serving in Bosnia.

It is his story — yet it is also the story played out in many forms, in the lives of so many veterans.

It is a ‘reality’ that every civilian should be aware of, should understand, and should recognize as a major demand on Government and Veterans’ services — needs that are not always being fulfilled by those we place in positions of responsibility to care for those who suffer from serving us! Too often Vets are afraid to ask for help! There are penalties involved.

It is a sad story in some ways — but a very positive and happy story in many others.


As he headed out the hospital door his old pal, Archie the Commissionaire, said, “Good night, Sergeant” — and John’s reply was a blunt,

“Piss off — what do you know about a good night?”

Poor Archie was devastated!

It wasn’t until he was in his car that John realized that he had gone to Dr. Quinn for help — mental help — and when offered it he had rebelled! He shook his head — “Boy, do I need help!”

John hadn’t even reached his car before he had decided to phone Carl and Jimmy to meet him at a Singles Bar… he wanted to get drunk as a skunk and laid by whoever would have him… first come first served!


“What a crock of BS!”


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