By A Hair

ISBN: 978-926813-30-1
Pages: 81
Binding: Softcover
Publisher: Keshet Productions, 2014
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By A Hair
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This autobiography has been written exclusively for my family and its confidential nature precludes it from general distribution.

Our family has a marvelous history. On the English side it goes back to George III. On the Scottish it originates with the founding of the family in 940 AD by a Normal Knight who settled in Scotland.

My contribution has been small. Nevertheless, as small as it has been it is a part of the family history and should be known to all family members.

I can only hope that my descendants will follow my example and make record of their own contributions to our family and to our Country.

May God bless the Moffat line and may He bless Canada.


Now, in the event of any form of insurgency in Canada it was clear that not all of the
necessary powers and resources rested with the Federal Government.

This left a division of powers that would have to be negotiated in a moment of
crisis – and Canada had a very poor history of successful negotiation between provinces and Ottawa!

Not for Sale or General Distribution
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