A Magic Meeting

[Original image “Couple in Cafe” © photographmd/Dollar Photo Club]

When a Cadet at Royal Roads, the Naval College, a Classmate asked me to escort his date’s friend: she would not go without her friend accompanying them and with a date! It was his birthday and he wanted to throw a dance party.

I had never “blind-dated” and refused to then.

He continued to pester me until I finally gave in and agreed to the blind date – he gave me the girl’s phone number.

I called her and she too was very reluctant to go on a blind date; but she also did not want to offend her girl friend, so she accepted. We agreed to meet at the corner of Fort and Douglas in Victoria on Saturday late afternoon.

The chosen meeting spot was a Drug Store that had doors at both sides. When the time came for the meeting I popped out one door to see who was waiting at the corner – no one!

After a number of peeks I saw the most beautiful young lady I had ever seen! Surely she couldn’t be my date – that would be a gift from Heaven!

I approached her and introduced myself – yes it was her! I met my Daphne!

We went to the Douglas Hotel dining room for a fine dinner with all the trimmings – I put on the dog!

From there we went to the Brentwood Bay Inn for the birthday dance.

What a surprise we got! It was not “a dance”, but it was a “dinner-dance!”

Each place at the table had a full half chicken, etc! And we had just had a five course meal!

So as not to embarrass Daph I ate all of my meal, put my empty plate at her place and took her dinner – which I then ate in full!

Three full meals!

My how I did love that gal from the moment we met – my love, my life, the mother of my children!



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